Obi hated winter. This is more his style.

Hey kandiasschronicles-

Unerotic asphyxiation can die in a fire.

It’s funny, I actually woke up this morning thinking “running has felt good lately! Oh yeah!”

It seems to me that running should be a way to keep feeling young. Instead, it’s just a reminder that I’m an old, surly bastard. #gpoyw

Sazerac Sunday? That can be a thing.


Holy. Hell.


And porch coffee again!  Obi says hi.


And porch coffee again! Obi says hi.

Courtesy of andsoisyourface, I got to see a preview of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

And loved it. Can’t wait to see it again.

I’m not such a fanboy that I’m bereft of a few quibbles- the editing is too frenetic at times/casting Robert Redford isn’t enough to elevate some of the exposition- but I still rate this as the best big screen action flick I’ve seen in a looooooooooooong time.

As I’m now enjoying a Belgian beer, that’s it for the review. Mostly, I just wanted to credit my benefactor, gush a bit, and make one prediction about it for quetaratara:


(Make sure you read this in Jim Ross’ voice.)

"Wait a minute, is that… That’s Porch Coffee’s music!!! PORCH COFFEE!!!! PORCH COFFEE!!! PORCH COFFEE!!!"

My seedlings are doing their part. Your move, spring.

(Belated) birthday girl and my girl

(Belated) birthday girl and my girl

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