#hyperlapse The Crystal Coaster!!!

The Crystal Mountain chairlift may inspire a bit of fear, but the view is worth it.

Always Mawby

I was gonna post a pic of me and Obi, but then I decided to listen to Pinback.

Friday is the most logical day.

Played 112 times

Jason Isbell - Don’t Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young Cover) (NPR Fresh Air)

TT: I thought this was an Annie Lennox song…

Terrific cover, btw!

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Desert Island 5

Tagged by jaybemaybe (hi there!).  These are the 5 movies that I can watch over and over again.  They may not be my favorites, but… yeah, they’re probably my favorites depending on the day. 

1) Casablanca

2) Goodfellas

3) Kill Bill (I’m counting Vols. 1 and 2 as one choice)

4) In Bruges

5) Better Off Dead

And with that, I’ll tag inmi, red-bird-writes, and andsoisyourface to follow suit.  Frankly, I’d love to tag you all because I really dig questions like this.  If you read this and then decide to post your own list, please tag me! 

And then you add chicken to the skillet, put that on rice, and add the red Thai curry you made.

Q: What smells better than peppers and onions cooking? A: Not a whole hell of a lot.

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