Power imbalance

Obi wishes you a very happy Sundog.

This is the napping brain trust.

Back porch libations are still a thing.

He always sleeps during movies (or Happy Valley, in this case).

Ten Songs (take 2)

Much obliged for the tag, andsoisyourface!

1) The Suburbs- Mr. Little Jeans

2) Sometime In The Future- Boards of Canada

3) Scooter and Jinx- Sonic Youth

4) Ready, Set, Glow- Atlas Sound

5) Sundown- Boards of Canada

6) Dance of the Pseudo Nymph- Flying Lotus

7) Sugarless- Autolux

8) Vowels = Space and Time- Grimes

9) Visiting Statue- Grimes

10) Drug- White Denim


Dog in a box

Our eyes turn westward for… well, no particular reason, actually. Just symmetry.

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